The Building Performance Contractor’s Association in partnership with The Home Performance Coalition welcomes you to our Winter 2018 Dense-Pack Insulation Workshop Series. Be part of an amazing opportunity of learning while providing an amazing service to a whole community who currently straggles with their energy necessities on their place of worship which also houses their community events.

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For those of you who are reading this because you are interested in learning more about Building Science, I will provide the short version of the meaning of a home as a one system.

Long gone are the days in which houses were just four walls and a roof in which the main consideration were looks and comfort. Those homes were built very loosely with very little insulation and with little health considerations in mind.. Home construction and renovation in early days were influenced by extremely cheap energy sources and the freedom to pretty much modify any component of the home with no consequence to the rest of the house. Because of that, a thermostat was just a device to turn the heat and cold air conditioning “ON” and if a room got uncomfortable, the easiest thing to do was to crack a window open.  

Because of this ideology, it is still common to think that houses are made of a bunch of  independent pieces of a puzzle, like the heating system, the water heater, the ventilation, the insulation, etc all placed on an attractive lot with  a nice white fence. The oil embargo of the 70's forced  construction and renovation  to  change dramatically  with the use of new technology. We began to save energy by building tighter, having greater use of insulation, air/vapor barriers, and the installation of energy-efficient windows,. The concept of a house made of a bunch of independent pieces was no longer true.

We now understand  the need to manage the indoor environment in a deliberate and systematic way with proven methods of air sealing, insulating and using high efficiency equipment. Those processes do save energy and upgrades our home comfort level. In order to have a well balanced home, it needs to be properly designed to make certain that each part functions properly with all the other parts. This will  provide a safe, comfortable and healthy living environment for the occupants. The proper design of a healthy home takes into consideration fluctuating temperatures, controlling moisture levels, as well as air pressures changes. An unplanned change of any of these pieces, due to a repair or an upgrade without planning can sometimes produce unforeseen changes that could potentially lead to unhealthy consequences for the home and its’ occupants.

 “Home Performance”  to indicate how energy efficient a house is, and how we can make it much more energy efficient, and self-reliant. In order to accomplish this you would use Building Science procedures with the help of blower doors, manometers, pressure pans, programmable thermostats,  ECM motors, heat pumps, modeling software, foam, rigid insulation, etc

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On our first walkthrough of the building, as we evaluated the workscope for the workshop, we immediately noticed some items that are very energy wasteful, which is greatly impacting this community church’s budget, but it is out of our topic oriented workscope.

So we decided to start a fundraising to replace their ancient museum approved refrigerator, incandescent lights and some weather-stripping; with the fridge being our primary target. Be part of something great and help us make a bigger impact to this already amazing project.

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About BPCA

The Building Performance Contractors Association (BPCA) of New York State is a 12-year old non-profit trade association whose members are primarily energy efficiency contracting companies, building science consultants, and Energy Star raters.  BPCA is focused on building up the marketplace and the businesses of our members through market transformation for energy efficiency services.  Within this context, we function as an educational organization - specifically addressing advanced topics on energy efficiency diagnostics, deep retrofits, and building performance

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BPCA Winter 2018 Insulation Workshop

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Eventbrite - BPCA Winter 2018 Insulation Workshop
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NYSERDA is now sponsoring the first 20 students to sign up with a $50 Workshop discount! New total cost is $199.48 and BPCA and Efficiency First members can still enjoy an additional 10% off!


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A few interesting facts about Lynwood Church

In 1826 in a schoolhouse near Effner Lake in Corinth, NY, a Rev. Amasa Chandler was holding meetings. An organizational society was formed and the Free Communion Baptist Church was born.

The first house of worship was built in 1844 on the West side of the church building that now stands and changed its name to Free Will Baptist Church.  It was paid for by one man at a cost of $323.00

The new church which is still being used was built in 1869 at a cost of $2,300.00

“Legend” has it that the new building was built by one man alone. Hard to believe, but that is the legend.

In the attic you can see the rough hewn timber used in its construction.

In 1940 the church began to be known as Lynwood Baptist Church, but no one knows why.

In 1952 Lynwood Baptist Church was closed because of lack of attendance.

In 1990 The church was reopened by Pastor John Hardy with the church being called First Baptist Church of Lake Luzerne

He was Pastor from 1990 to 1994

After his departure the church changed its name back to Lynwood.

Joe Zorn was pastor from 1994 to 1999

John Engelbrecht was Pastor for 1999 to 2005

Pastor Steve Carpenter has been the Pastor from March 2006 until the present.

Photo of bell tower